Dragon Egg Sightings? They Might Be Cherimoyas

In your quest for winter veggies at the farmers market, you might spot a nest of large, green scaly-looking eggs. Behold! Cherimoyas are in season!

These dragon egg impostors are far more sublime than they appear. Cherimoyas are a sub-tropical fruit indigenous to South America that also goes by the names “custard apple” and “ice cream fruit.”

At the market, they may be perfectly oval or irregularly heart-shaped with a green scaly pattern and are usually sold firm. After they soften, cut the leathery skin with a knife to slice the fruit in half, navigate around the seeds, and spoon out the pulpy cream that some say tastes like a banana smoothie. The cherimoya season begins in December and runs through spring. Rincon Del Mar Ranch from Carpinteria sells cherimoyas at the Wednesday Santa Monica farmers market.

rincon del mar ranch cherimoya
photo: Foodzooka